What is #OBF?

Open Bike Fest is an event dedicated to cycling in all its facets, from the product and technical sides to the bike experiences, new trends, culture and lifestyle.

Open Bike Fest is the first ever bike industry event organized in Treviso, an area of Italy whose bond with cycling is very well documented: no other area of Italy has more riders or a higher number of bike-related companies.

An original mix

all about experience

Open Bike Fest is other than a fair, a test-day or a bike culture think-tank, but elaborates these different formats while adding some original elements to create something brand new. An event thought and developed around the current reality of cycling and its users.

The meteoric rise of the cycling market and proximity tourism in 2020, and the growing trend of e-bikes that was already underway before that, brought new kind of riders and their new needs to the World of cycling: that’s why a new approach is needed.

What is Open Bike Fest’s formula?

Open Bike Fest is like the special of a great chef: mixing top-level ingredients and being able to enhance them all.

At Opendream, bike enthusiasts will find a top-class expo area with all the major brands of the cycling industry, in a unique and very characterizing venue, as well as a bike test area and technical courses to get some real feedbacks from any kind of bike – from road to MTB, from e-Bike to gravel, – and also a program full of side events of entertainment, in-depth analysis, business, culture and lifestyle.

Cycling means discovery

The feature that makes Open Bike Fest one of a kind is its innovative connection with the surrounding area. The event starts at Opendream but it spreads all over Treviso, its province and the whole Veneto region.

Open Bike Fest encourages users to go out and discover: testing bikes on the courses, finding out the beauty of the area, its nature, its food and wine tastes, joining special initiatives and events, in the city center as well as in other support locations related to the two-wheel world.

And once you are back to Opendream, you can seize all of Open Bike Fest’s services, designed on the riders’ needs, including quality and nutrient meals and refreshments, and also many activities and facilities for families and kids, all of this in a safe, traffic-free space.

You get to Open Bike Fest by bike and you leave it by bike. Most important, you leave it happier.