the excellence square

Open dream

From one of Treviso’s most historical manufacturing realities, the former Ceramica Pagnossin, to a unique venue: Opendream is a result of a post-industrial renovation with a brand-new concept.

The Opendream was started in 2015 by local entrepreneur Damaso Zanardo, determined to bring new life to a dismissed industrial area. Furthermore, his idea included the creation of a new hub to promote all the best that Veneto can offer: an Excellence Square in all respects.

A unique featured 100,000 square meters permanent hub on the outskirts of Treviso: a place with its still visible history and characteristics, now completely devoted to new values and lifestyle for today’s generation.


Opendream stands in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, a few steps away from Treviso Airport, and it is touched by one of the most relevant cycling routes in Northern Italy, the Treviso-Ostiglia bike path. That’s one of the reasons why the new reality of Opendream is strongly linked to green innovation and two-wheel mobility, as shown with the project Bike Me Hub, a permanent service point focused on bikes launched in the summer of 2020.

Nevertheless, Opendream has more keywords to focus on: local development, bio-economy, and sustainable tourism. All these subjects are growing on various aspects with a common strive for excellence and a special connection with the surrounding area: indeed, we are only 30 km as the crow flies from San Marco Square in Venice.

Opendream’s permanent hub is the perfect context for Arts, Food, Green Tourism, and Made in Italy to provide new experiences while creating relationships with both local and foreign markets.

An emotional journey based on the individual’s well-being and five-sense stimulation.

A fascinating open space where dreams come true.