The forward-looking event dedicated to bike lovers, to be held in Treviso from 11th to 13th June 2021, is now official: a unique opportunity for amazing rides and experiences in fantastic Veneto’s sights

“Looking forward and thinking positive for a stunning 2021” is the call forged by Open Bike Fest, the first edition of the event for cycling lovers to be held in Treviso from 11th to 13th June 2021. The city, located in the eastern part of Northern Italy, halfway between Venice and the Dolomites, is one of the most historically significant cities of the Veneto region and is also renowned as the “Homeland of cycling”.

The focus of this innovative project will be on bikes, but the event and its articulate format will be reaching different branches of the overall phenomenon: from the technical production to the sport system, but also tourism, food and wine.

The mind behind Open Bike Fest is Damaso Zanardo: “The overcoming of the current epidemic will define a moment of rebirth and a fresh start at the beginning of next summer: bikes will have a key role in a healthier and more sustainable future”, the Venetian entrepreneur explained. Indeed, the participants will be encouraged to enter the venue by bike: vast parking areas and free transfers from the train station and the airport will make this possible even for those coming from afar.

The core hub of the event is a post-industrial complex, formerly belonged to the Pagnossin pottery factory, now converted with the ambition to become a “cycling and healthy lifestyle zone” in the Treviso area. Nevertheless, the event will blend with the whole area and spread in different directions, thanks to the many cycle paths in the area, including the Treviso-Ostiglia that literally crosses the event’s venue.

“We have to think to 2021 as a great new start and Open Bike Fest will be a big opportunity to promote sustainable mobility, wellness and sportsMario Conte, the Mayor of Treviso, said -. Bike should be the most preferred way to reach short distances in Treviso, we are working on various projects aiming at facilitating and supporting the use of the bicycle for commuting as well as for sports and tourism, hoping to make it real very soon.”

Already backed by Regione Veneto, the Treviso Municipality and other remarkable trade associations from the area, Open Bike Fest has the ambition to an international meeting point where bicycles, in every form and shape, are the stars. For the first time ever, competiitve athletes, amateurs and fans, on every kind of bike – road, off-road, track, urban – and also families and especially kids, will be blended together to celebrate passion for this sport.

“There will be a huge expo area reserved to the major cycling brands to give them the opportunity to shine the light on their new products. It will be a great showcase to national and European customers for the best realities of a growing market. Cycling is a great inspiration to experience freedom, gathering and journeys, something the visitors will seize the chance to discover by testing the products in the dedicated areas and paths”, Open Bike Fest President Luca Businaro argued.

Symbolizing the Treviso and Veneto areas’ eagerness to welcome new bike tourists, five group of riders will travel all the way from five distinct major bike lanes hailing from other areas of Italy and Europe to finally gather in Treviso. The phenomenon in Italy has a +41% growth generating an annual economic value of 7,6 billion euros over the last five years. Veneto, along with Trentino-Alto Adige, is one of the favorite destinations for national and European cycling tourism, and arguably the one with the greatest growth potential in the forthcoming future.

“Open Bike Fest is an amazing opportunity to develop new tourist strategies, in a natural evolution which COVID has accelerated enormouslyVeneto’s regional Counselor Federico Canerexplained -. Veneto and the province of Treviso are the homeland of cycling and we look forward to the opportunity to attract and host as many visitors as we can in our territories, spreading the awareness on our territory as an elected land for cycling lovers”.

A team of professionals is working to make the Open Bike Fest an extremely engaging festival with great contents. Travelers and fans from all over Italy and Northern Europe will be in Treviso to discover the beauties of the territory: art, hospitality and food will be key elements blended together with love for cycling. The three-day program ranges from workshops to meetings with experts, covering about all the different aspects of cycling: wellness, bike economy, history, bike tourism and cycling sport.

The full project and program of Open Bike Fest will be disclosed in an official presentation to be held in early 2021.