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Among the many rankings that see Veneto in the top positions at national level, those related to cycling and cycle tourism certainly stand out. The region has always been linked to cycling, both in terms of sport and as a means of promoting its artistic, cultural and gastronomic excellences.

There are numerous projects underway that further focus on this sector, with the aim of making the Veneto a reference point for cycle tourism, and not only at national level.

In fact, BikeSummit 2020 data show that the San Marco’s region has the highest percentage of cycle tourists in Italy (the only one to exceed 15%) and the third highest number of both Italian and foreign visitors. It is no coincidence that important cycle routes pass through Veneto, making it possible to reach both the rest of Italy and the heart of Europe: in the first case we find, for example, the “VenTo” cycle route (Venice – Turin) or the “Ciclovia del Sole” (Verona – Florence), as well as cycloroutes heading out to European cities such as Munich, Salzburg or Ljubljana.

Veneto has a lot to offer from every point of view and attracts tourists (cyclists and others) from all over the world: over 6000 km of cycle paths, a first-class bicycle industry (and services), a cultural heritage of great stature, an enviable wealth of food and wine and breathtaking landscapes. The combination of these factors makes the region the second most popular with Italian tour operators specializing in cycling holidays: the north-eastern area alone accounts for about 70% of the entire national panorama.

However, the potential for growth is still large, which is why Veneto is investing in sustainable and durable development models: creating new cycle routes, making existing ones safe to a higher standard and redeveloping disused areas such as railways.

With this in mind, there are regional projects such as ‘Green Tour – Green on the Move’, the aim of which is to recover the former Treviso-Ostiglia railway (which touches Opendream, the Open Bike Fest venue) and connect it to strategic points such as the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, and ‘Venice Bike Lands’, which promotes cycling tourism made in Veneto at 360°. There is no shortage of awards either, as 23 municipalities have been awarded the FIAB (Italian Environment and Cycling Federation) yellow flag for their special attention to two wheels: these include Verona, Belluno, Treviso, Vicenza and Padua.

Veneto therefore continues to lead the race for sustainable tourism, sealing a relationship – that with the bicycle – that is historic and has always been a harbinger of success. The aim is now even higher: to make this sector the driving force to strengthen the entire production chain and the entire regional economy. An objective that also passes through Open Bike Fest.